Sunset Overdrive

After being teased at E3 last year, we haven’t heard much out of Insomniac Games about Sunset Overdrive. Today they blew the lid off the game and you can check out the trailer below to see it in action. Warning: if you’re a fan of games like Jet Set Radio, Dead Rising, Crackdown or Ratchet & Clank be prepared to get excited.

There’s really only one way to describe Sunset Overdrive: fun. This game looks like it’s going to be nothing but fun and we can’t wait to play it. Earlier today we learned about three new games coming to the Xbox One this year. Looks like we’re in for a year full of gaming.

Sunset Overdrive is set to be an Xbox One exclusive. It’s an open world shooter that’s due to hit your console later this fall.

Anyone else out there looking forward to Sunset Overdrive?

Source: YouTube, Xbox