Visual Voicemail on the 900

Yup, good news for those who are waiting to get the Nokia Lumia 900 (and presumably the HTC TITAN II), Visual Voicemail on AT&T is finally supported with these new phones.

As you can see above, it's the same visual goodness that many of you have come to expected (and yet is evidently difficult for carriers to instantiate). Regardless, for such a flagship phone, it's a darn good thing that this feature is on board as Windows Phone can't have any more holes in the OS, especially with the stiff competition out there.

Oh and word of warning: you'll need a 4G LTE plan to have this feature enabled. We're told by Jeffrey B. who is using the device:

"...Make sure u get an LTE data plan w/visual vm feature or you won't get it. The LTE SIM comes in box with tool so no worry there but a clerk in a hurry could miss the LTE data plan w/vis vm feature. Check."

The "tool" he's referring to is for opening the micro-SIM drawer on the phone and indeed, make sure you get that 4G LTE plan (it doesn't cost extra, but it is a technical change that needs to be fixed on your account).

No word if or when other Windows Phone on AT&T will get this feature.

Thanks, Jeff, for the pic!