Windows 10

Windows 10 launched in late July, but so far regular consumers have only see patch updates for the OS. That will change later this year as Microsoft plans to release its first major Windows 10 feature update. A new report now claims that update will now be released sometime in early November, rather than October as previously rumored.

According to WinBeta, the company had been labeling this update with the code-name "Threshold 2", but that has apparently changed as well:

Although there have not been any branding decisions made regarding the update, I understand Microsoft is now referring to Threshold 2 as "Windows 10 Update for November" or "Windows 10 November Update" internally and with close partners, whether one of those names ends up as being final remains to be seen, but November is definitely looking more likely now. Microsoft could very well opt to not give this update any name or identity, and simply release it as another standard Windows 10 update for consumers.

Microsoft is expected to add a number of features in this update, including the long-awaited extension support for the Microsoft Edge web browser. It may also add the universal Skype, Messaging and Video app as well. An even larger feature update for Windows 10, with the reported code name "Redstone", is rumored to be launched in two waves in 2016.

Source: WinBeta