The company behind the NexDocks accessory that allows Windows 10 Mobile phones with Continuum support to work like a PC laptop, have announced that the first shipments should begin sometime in mid-August.


In June, the company reported that the Indiegogo-funded NexDock had suffered a setback, as a fire in the accessory's manufacturing facility had destroyed the first units that were planned to ship to backers. In a new update this week, the company stated:

After having checked all boxes one by one, our ODM concluded that none of the units that sustained the fire are in a condition that can be restored to pass the odor and color tests. Therefore, you will all receive newly manufactured NexDocks.

One of the main reasons of why (re)manufacturing of NexDocks takes 45 days is the lead time of LCD screens – it's rather long due to manufacturing being backed up. There's a bit of good news though: Since there were around 900 LCD screens that have not been affected by the fire, our ODM will be able to expedite 900 NexDocks, which are now expected to be shipped by mid-August.

All of the rest of the NexDock units should ship to backers by the end of August.