WPCentral for Windows 8.1

After a very positive initial launch of our official Windows 8 app, development is still very much in high gear as we look through all your feedback and start to address the teething issues you'd often see with any first big release.

Today v1.0.0.1 is available on the Windows Store, and is the result of work to fix the initial bugs we discovered after going live. So whilst you shouldn't expect to see much in the way of obvious changes we've hopefully addressed a few critical ones that were causing the app to either crash or not function at all for a few users. You can find the app here in the store, and the changelist below.


  • Fixed the connection error bug by reducing the number of articles initially retrieved and then expanding the list in a background thread
  • Fixed a crash when tapping on the comment bubble whilst blank
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when some message boxes were to be shown
  • Fixed a crash when trying to cache articles

I believe this should have fixed the connection error bug many of you were seeing, however if you are still experiencing problems please get in touch through our forums. Expect another update to come in the next couple of weeks to address a wider range of issues and feedback we've received from you.

Remember that you can force Windows 8 updates by going to "App updates" in the Windows Store settings charm, enjoy!

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