We have been waiting patiently for the next Need For Speed game, and today publisher Electronic Arts showed a brief teaser trailer for the upcoming Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC arcade racing game. It shows some nighttime street racing with some impressive visual that EA says was captured in the game itself.

The trailer shows cars driving around downtown Los Angeles with the cop hot on their heels. This would seem to suggest that the next Need For Speed entry will be similar to the popular Need for Speed Underground title that came out several years ago. EA will release the full gameplay trailer, and hopefully the game's full title, on June 15, which is also when the publisher will hold its E3 2015 press event in Los Angeles.

This will be the first Need For Speed game that will be made just for current generation consoles, and it's using the Frostbite engine that has been used by the recent Battlefront first person shooter games. The last game in the series, Need For Speed Rivals, was released for current and last gen consoles like the Xbox 360 in 2013.

Source: EA (YouTube)