We have to admit, we hadn't thought of the idea to control a video game solely with your voice. Even with Kinect for Xbox 360 we still picture using other methods for interaction. But the developers Pah! see it differently and they believe you can have a lot of fun with just sound.

Pah! originated on the iPhone where it became an instant hit (in fact, you can watch tons of videos on it via YouTube). Later it moved to Android where it was also successful and now Windows Phone users get to try out the voice-game craze. Developing the app wasn't easy, we're told by the developers Labgoo, due to the more restricted environment but they managed to get it working anyways.

The game is a simple side scrolling shooter but you control your ships upward movement by saying "Ahhhhhhhhh..." which will raise you (you then naturally sink a little). To fire at incoming objects you shout "Pah!" and your laser will fire. By using both voice gestures consecutively you can successfully guide your ship all the while trying to not laugh.

The game isn't meant to be Splinter Cell, just a simple but fun game using some unique interfaces. And we have to agree it is a bit of a hoot though we'd never play it in public. What's really neat though is you can now download this game at this moment for your Windows Phone. Just head here to the Marketplace. Only downside is there seems to be no trial so you'll have to plonk down  $1.99 for the chance to humiliate yourself in front of others.

QR: Pah