Firstpost is a popular Indian news portal owned by the Network18 media conglomerate that attempts to be a new-age digital newsroom with breaking news and opinion features.

The official Windows 8 app includes by-the minute news, views, and analysis around news and current affairs in India and the world. You can view photo galleries, read blog posts, and watch videos from the network’s news channels. Firstpost offers a nice, magazine-like experience for Windows 8.

The app allows you to navigate through a wide news category like politics, world, business, economy, investing, living, ideas, Bollywood, and sports. It also features a selection of eBooks authored by Firstpost editors (Bonus tip: You might want to check the latest one – Indian on Top – about Satya Nadella).


You can refer to the history of your viewed articles and the keywords that you’ve searched. Also, you can save any news article to read at a later time. The app allows you to read and comment on the news articles, as well as share the articles on Twitter and Facebook or via email. It’s a bummer though that the app does not use the Share charm, and the developers chose to build similar functionality which makes the app inconsistent from other Windows Store apps.

The app is pretty neat, and features a functional magazine-like user experience. If you are a fan of Firstpost’s tabloid-like content, it’s a good app to have or if you are looking for a great news experience on your Windows 8 device, give it a spin and let us know how you like it.

Firstpost is available for free from the Windows Store.

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