Flappy Bird

We're sure you are all sick and tired of reading about Flappy Bird and how the game has been pulled from both iOS and Android, never to officially arrive on the Windows Phone Store. We even provided a collection of similar games for Windows Phone that are available for download, including a Flappy Bird clone. But today this clever rip has been updated to version Head pass the break to learn more.

We're not comfortable with this developer ripping off someone else's work, but with an update published to the app store the game is certainly being taken seriously and with the original creator now leaving Flappy Bird altogether, it makes sense to cash in now while demand is high. While Microsoft sees nothing wrong with this listing, we'll continue to cover the game and offer a perfect solution for you all to ragequit.

This latest release, version, fixes a medal bug affecting gameplay. Not a massive update, but the clone has received some developer love nonetheless. You can download the unofficial, yet awesome clone version of Flappy Bird from the Windows Phone for free (in-app advertising).

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