Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a rather special mobile game, illustrating what can happen when a seemingly unimaginative concept goes viral and the developer subsequently wishes to remove oneself from the spotlight. The game has also split communities in two with many wanting the name to simply remain dead, but that hasn't halted numerous developers across all platforms from attempting to ride on the success that is Flappy Bird.

Now the creator of Flappy Bird has said in an interview we could well see the game again.

Dong Nguyen is the Vietnamese developer behind the insanely popular smartphone game. He told Rolling Stone in a March 11th interview that he's considering whether or not to bring back Flappy Bird. It could well be down to the reported $50,000 monthly earnings from the game. The reason Nguyen removed the game was allegedly down to him finding the game to be too addicting for smartphone owners.

Nguyen did promise that an official Windows Phone version was in the works, meaning the project could be resurrected. 

We simply couldn't get enough of Flappy Bird.

Turn on CC, unless you understand Dutch.

If Nguyen brings back the game, he has hinted at the possibility of including a warning message to inform players they should take a break. Would you like to see the official Flappy Bird game finally made available on Windows Phone? For now, there are multiple clones on the store.

Source: Rolling Stone, via: Huffington Post; Thanks, Amol, for the heads up!