Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird! It’s the game all your friends are playing and cursing over. Last week we heard from developer Dong Nguyen that a Windows Phone version of the surprise hit would be coming sometime in the near future. That near future was later clarified to be on or around February 13. The hype around this game is insane. We even had to do a public service announcement letting the Windows Phone community know that clone/fake version of the app in the Windows Phone Store wasn’t legit. Mostly because the amount of tips coming in was sky high.

Well, we’re a few days away from that date of February 13 where Flappy Bird was expected, but it’s actually not coming to Windows Phone. Ever.

Dong Nguyen, the developer behind Flappy Bird, made some startling announcements on Twitter surrounding the hit game. He’s going to take Flappy Bird down from the iOS App Store and Google Play in 22 hours. It’s apparently ruined his “simple life” and the takedown isn’t related to any legal issues. This is all despite making $50,000 per day with the app. Yes, per day.

Flappy Bird Bye

Well, if Dong is taking the app away from iOS and Android users don’t expect a legit Windows Phone version anytime soon. Or ever really. Now, can we please go back to playing some real games like Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse: Alpha?

Source: Twitter