Flappy Bird

Dong Nguyen's hit-game Flappy Bird is on its way to Windows Phone, that we already know. But what we didn't know was an expected date. The developer took to Twitter to reveal that Flappy Bird has been submitted to the store and needs to be approved by Microsoft. This means the game is well on its way and it shouldn't be too long until we're able to ragequit while mobile. 

It's a significant release, simply because while it has been available on both iOS and Android for nearly a year, the game has only recently made it in the news with MSN News stating how it could take on the likes of Candy Crush. We're always seeking new apps and games to be made available for Microsoft's mobile platform and news like this only strengthens said resolve.

Flappy Bird Tweet

For now we have a small wait to endure, but Flappy Bird will be on Windows Phone soon, folks. Who's excited for its inevitable release?

Source: Twitter (@dongatory)