Flexilis is offering what they're pitching as a comprehensive security solution for our Windows Mobile devices. According to John Hering, Flexilis CEO, the application is "the easy way to keep your phone safe." The application includes various modules such as anti-virus, hacker protection, data backup, lost/stolen protection, and SMS anti-spam. The loss/stolen protection sounds interesting where you are capable of remotely accessing your WM Device and locate your device or wipe it clean.

What you'll find on your average Windows Mobile device can range from Aunt Helen's family recipes to bank account information. While I don't think fighting SMS Spam ranks real high, protecting that data if the device is lost does. We're still more than a little dubious about the necessity of anti-virus on Windows Mobile, but if you feel like you need it, the additional features being tossed here do make for a nice package.

The application is still in the BETA stages and if you're interested in being a test subject, Flexilis is looking for 100 Windows Mobile users to test the application out. If you're feeling adventurous, you can sign up here.

[via Pocketnow]