Sharing images has been improved over the years with smartphones, social networks and better wireless communications. Still, there's room for improvements, especially when it comes to quickly sending an image captured within the last few seconds. This is where apps come into play and today we're looking at Windows Phone exclusive Flickpic, a cool new app from a team called CoLinked who won the 2013 Microsoft Imagine Cup. Flickpic enables you to quickly transfer photos to friends and family.

The app is super basic in its form, but the functionality is worth the download. There's no requirement for Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or any kind of data connectivity, which makes it possible to 'flick' photos anywhere and everywhere. All that's required is Bluetooth to be enabled and you're good to go. Fire up the app on any Windows Phone, select which photos you wish to share with others (they need to be running the app too) and then flick the handset.


Automatic pairing makes it both fast and seamless and any received photos through Flickpic are deleted upon restart, so be sure to save any photos you wish to keep before closing the app and doing something else. There are a handful of options listed in the settings pane that enable you to configure the device name (which is displayed to other phones), enable/disable private mode, view the status of Bluetooth and select thumbnail sizes.

We highly recommend giving the app a go, especially if you're snapping photos while out with a group and need to share the results with fellow Windows Phone owners. It's really cool being able to select a photo and simply flick your Windows Phone to share it.

QR: Flickpic