Add two more apps that have been updated to enjoy the Windows Phone 7.5 features. Flickr and Lindy Reader have been Mango-fied.

The official Flickr app (updated to version 2.0) not only gives you access to your Flickr account but now it is integrated with your Windows Phone camera. You can launch the camera app from within the Flickr app, place a grid overlay on top of the viewfinder to help with cropping, and access camera controls/settings.

You also have Live Tile support for the camera function, your galleries (launches directly to your photostream), contact activity, as well as the app itself. The update brings a significant amount of bells and whistles into the mix and adds a good amount of functionality as well.

We first took a look at the Lindy Reader earlier this year. It's a comic book reader that let's you download comic's save on Dropbox. The Mango update (version 2.2) improves the speed of the app, adds fast resume, thumbnails, banners, and folders to make your comic book reading easier.

The Lindy Reader does have a free, ad-supported version which you can find here at the Windows Phone Web Market. The ad-free version will run you $1.99 and you can find it here at the Web Marketplace.

Flickr is a free app which you can find here at the Web Marketplace.