Flickr Booth

Flickr Booth, previously known as 2flicka, has received yet another update. This release is a fairly sizeable one that brings 'pull down to refresh' support, map views for single photos, fixed contacts loading and more. If you use Flickr, you'll definitely want to check out this unofficial app for Windows Phone. Head past the break to see what's new.

For those who are interested, here's the full change log for version 2.4:

  • Updated app section names and elements to be in line with Flickr naming conventions
  • Added pull down to refresh
  • Load more items is now easier to user (loads automatically at the end of the list, you no longer have to pull up again)
  • Added map view for single photo (from photo viewer details).
  • Replaced the location tooltip with a location indicator + location label in photo viewer details
  • Only show the map in photo viewer details if there is a location set
  • Fixed contacts loading
  • Optimized OneDrive file loading. Load the images for upload on demand instead of automatically
  • Ask for run under lockscreen when uploading photos from OneDrive(failure rate is 100% if run under lock is off)
  • Added option for my stream to show only photos that are not in any albums
  • Added tooltip to the booth tab about the ability to pin most tiles
  • Added ability to pin searches to the start screen
  • Hide the search and where to search fields to allow the user to see more photos when searching. Tap on the search summary brings the fields back
  • Added ability to follow/unfollow users by API

Flickr Booth

Like we noted above, it's a large update. We recommend you give the app a go, especially if you're mad about photography and enjoy sharing your snaps with others.

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