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If you've tried to log into your Flickr account from the Windows Phone Flickr app you're probably receiving an error message that reads,

"Unable to reach Flickr login services. Press Back to try again."

The error message is rather persistent, no matter how many times you press the Back Button and try again.

The problem? It's likely an API change that wasn't reflected in the app.  The issue seems to be limited to logging into your Flickr account from apps such as the Flickr app and Pixl.  In checking some of the apps that pull images from Flickr, but don't have the account log-in feature, such as Photostream and Flickr Wallpapers, they are still able to pull pictures from Flickr.

There is a discussion going on over in the Flickr user forum that indicates the problem isn't restricted to Windows Phones. iPhone and Android users are reporting the same headache when attempting to log into Flickr accounts.

Flickr Log-in Screens

Some forum members have contacted Flickr customer support and received the boiler plate "uninstall and reinstall the app" fix. Which doesn't work.

Then there's the "you may want to use the phone's browser to access Flickr at" solution that has been recommended as a temporary fix.  Which is a poor substitute for the app.

A Flickr Staff member did chime in six days ago saying they'll take a look at the problem but nothing has been heard from them since. Hopefully Flickr will figure things out and get a fix in place soon.  We have reached out to Flickr to see if they can shed any light on the problem and how long it will take to fix. We'll keep you updated should we hear back from them.

If you feel like giving things a try you can find the free, Flickr app here in the Windows Phone Store. We'll keep our fingers crossed that you have better luck.

Thanks, peestandingup, for the tip!

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