Namco Games has released the popular game Flight Control for Windows Phone.

Flight Control has players guide planes, jets and helicopters safely to their landing zones. Flight Control is easy to play—just select an aircraft and direct it to its landing zone. Flight Control has five different airfields and ten types of aircraft.  As time passes, more aircraft start to fill the friendly skies, making Flight Control a game of strategy. 

Flight Control is available over at Namco's website for $5.99. Currently it's only available for T-Mobile and AT&T customers (game billed through your wireless account) and slowly but surely Namco is populating the list of compatible devices.  If you have trouble accessing the download link that is sent to your phone from Namco, check for the app in your wireless provider's app store/mall.

We hope to get a review up on Flight Control shortly but in the meantime, check out what our friends over at TiPb thinks of this gaming app.