FlightAware (see site) also hit the Marketplace this week, though it slipped through the cracks for us. While there are a few "flight tracker" apps available for WP7, a lot are pay apps and a few aren't so good. Developed by Chaotic Moon Studios, the app is sharp, clear and to the point.

However, FlightAware for WP7 is just darn cool.

For one, it's free. Number two, it has a super cool Bing-Flight tracking map overlay (see pic) that looks awesome and three, it has a really minimalist and clean UI. Features include:

  • Airport activity (delays, alerts)
  • Nearby (Bing-powered flight tracking map based on location)
  • Track by: flight number, tail number
  • Search by flight route
  • My Flightware
  • Alert history

We don't fly very often, but when we do, this is the app we're using. Just an excellent looking app. Start tracking flights right here in the Marketplace.