Magnify BETA

FlipMag, a beautiful RSS reader for Windows Phone that we showed you a couple of weeks ago, has changed its name. It’s now called Magnify. It’s still currently in open beta and it still looks good, but there’s one change that’s very obvious. Articles no longer flip. You now have to swipe left to continue reading longer articles.

New features for version 3.0.4

  • New name and logo!
  • UI and performance improvements
  • Offline caching of images
  • Pocket read it later support
  • Fixed hyperlink issues (for new articles)
  • Removed status bar
  • Turned off background agent to temporarily fix app resetting bug
  • To rename or remove a Mag group, tap on the group title and tap on the "pencil" icon.

We liked the flip feature in the previous versions. We wonder if it will get added in an update. Ideally, we think it would be better to provide users the option for what they want: normal scrolling, flipping, or swiping.

Magnify BETA is a free download at the Windows Phone Store. Have you used FlipMag before? How do you like the new changes? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, Angella J.!

QR: Magnify Beta