For those who use Flory IM client, you should have received the v2.1 update in the last 48hrs. The update fixes a lot of little bugs and has made it more stable (Venue Pro users are reporting better results).

  • Leave keyboard open after sending (new)
  • Renaming bug
  • Lockscreen settings are not saved
  • Gtalk contact authorization status not shown
  • German translation writing mistakes

So that's the good news...

The bad news is, believe it or not, this is the very last version of Flory. Why? Sort of simple. The original idea for Flory started off to fill a gap on Windows Phone 7: no good IM client. In fact, it was supposed to be only limited to a small dev community (, not public. So the fact it went from that, to being in German to going world-wide (or close to it), all without charging a dollar or having ads...well, that's a big undertaking, especially to maintain those servers.

But now with IM+ getting geared for release, Kik messenger and Skype this fall, the floodgates are open. Basically the dev feels his job is done and soon enough we'll have "professional" devs taking over the IM world on Windows Phone.

We shed a tear for a great app that filled the gap (hey, that rhymed).

Source: PocketPC.chThanks, Chris F. (ryu2k8) for the heads up