If you hate flies, this game is going to be very fun. Originally launched for the iPhone and iPad last month, FlyOut has just come out for Android and Windows Phone devices, too. Waves of flies are moving along and you must do whatever is necessary to stop them. Even if it means using machine guns or bazookas.

We've installed it on our Nokia Lumia 930. Head past the break to watch the gameplay video.

FlyOut starts out really easy. Flies move slowly from left to right, and you tap on them with the fly swatter. If you think that's cruel, it gets more insane. As waves of flies get faster and harder to kill, more weapons become available. Weapons float up the screen, and you'll need to quickly tap on them before they fly off. You can use them for about 7 seconds until it goes back to the fly swatter. These weapons include bug spray, machine gun, bazooka, and minigun. The developers mention in the store listing that there will be more to come.


There are multiple flies in the game and they each have their own personalities:

  • The fly
  • The fat fly
  • The mad fly
  • The speeder
  • The tough fly

The top left corner of the screen shows three hearts. A heart breaks after every fly that passes through. If you successfully pass a wave, you get an extra heart. Game finishes when a fly passes through and there are no more hearts available.


Above the hearts is the number of flies you have obliterated. Towards the center, you see the current weapon you are using.


FlyOut costs $1.29 at the Windows Phone Store. Unfortunately, there's no free trial available in this initial version. If you have some time to waste, this game is worth checking out. Go download it now and let us know what you think.

512mb support

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