Some time ago we reported that Microsoft was partnering with two companies to created detailed 3D figurines and posters of your Xbox Live Avatar. In a way, bringing your avatar to life.  While the 6ft tall poster from Fathead wasn't personally appealing, Dan and I both took the plunge and had FigurePrints create a figurine of our avatars.

It took about four weeks for the little guys to make it to from the assembly line to the doorstep and they look good. The figurine is about four inches high (five inches if you include the base) and base displays your gamer tag.  Underneath the base is a Microsoft Tag that will link to your Xbox Live Gamer Card so you can easily share all your Xbox Live info.

The Figureprint will run you $60 (including shipping) and the only downside, as mentioned earlier, is that some elements are not available due to licensing restrictions. It would have been nice to have my mini-me wearing its Auburn University t-shirt.  Regardless, I think Figureprints did an exceptionally good job at creating these figurines. 

Oh...and for the World of Warcraft fans, Figureprints will also create a 3D figuring of your Warcraft character as well. You can find all the information on the World of Warcraft Figureprints here.