It is that time of year again for the massive Tour de France to kickoff. Starting on Saturday July 5 and ending on Sunday, July 27, the massive cyclist contest has the world watching as each team tries to outpace the rest.

MetroTour is the only app you'll need to follow along. The app has been around since 2012, but this year's version gets a new look with the aid of ToledoDesign, who help developers make their apps beautiful and Modern. Indeed, MetroTour is some visual eye candy in addition to providing all the information you can get your hands on for the Tour de France 2014.

MetoTour is broken down into various sections, including

  • Main – Live feed, Teams & Riders, Stages, Results and History
  • Latest news
  • Results

On the main page, users can dive deeper into each section, including information and photos of each team, details on each stage and more. Latest news is a nice RSS type stream of the latest (although too bad you cannot share the stories) and final results let you know whose winning.

MetroTour also has some bonus features that will make Windows Phone users happy:

  • Live Tile
  • News notifications
  • Stage reminders
  • Lockscreen support with latest headline

The app usually runs $1.99, but it is now just 99 cents for a limited time. Users can download the app for free though in order to unlock the main features ( all but the news feed), you'll need to buy the app.

QR: MetroTour