The Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset will target the business market first, and that means companies that use it will need holographic apps. That's the idea behind Loook (yes, with three "O"s), a new Seattle-based development studio that was co-founded by John Howard, the former creative director on the Microsoft HoloLens team.

Howard, who left Microsoft in December 2015, also was the creative director for Xbox Fitness, and prior to that was a designer on the first Halo game, among other Xbox titles. The other co-founder, and CEO, of Loook is Sébastien Motte, who worked at Microsoft for 20 years before leaving in 2013. According to GeekWire:

The studio will focus on helping clients that align with its core vision, which is centered around creating meaningful technology that creates a more sustainable and livable environment. One use case the founders noted was with indoor agriculture. Farmers could use something like HoloLens to look at crops in a whole new way, combining both the physical and digital space into one view that helps improve productivity and efficiency. For example, the farmer could look at different plants and immediately understand why one was growing faster than the other without having to use a smartphone or tablet, or go back to his or her computer in the office.

While Loook will come up with the initial design with their clients, the actual development will be handled by France-based game dev studio Asobo, which created some of the initial apps that were shipped with the Microsoft HoloLens Developer Edition. Loook joins Object Theory, another holograhic developer that was recently formed by former Microsoft HoloLens team members.