Phil Harrison

Phil Harrison, who just left Microsoft as the European head of its Xbox division, has formed a new startup company that he says has licensed "unannounced technology" from his former employer.

Harrison is being extremely vague about his new company, even down to its name: Alloy Platform Industries, which he picked just because it is "deliberately meaningless". All he will say is that it will be based on technology in the consumer space. Harrison told

"We're in stealth mode at the moment, we'll stay in stealth mode for a while. It's very exciting, and something I've been planning for a little over a year, in full consultation and collaboration with Microsoft, specifically with Phil Spencer. I'm taking a plunge into the start-up pool."

When asked about the extend of this collaboration, Harrison said:

"Alloy has licensed some technology from Microsoft which will form the basis of our initial investigations and explorations. But I'm not going to say any more than that. It's unannounced technology that nobody outside of Microsoft knows about."

So does this technology have anything to go with games? Harrison offered a highly cryptic answer:

"We're definitely in the same neighbourhood, probably on the same street, but probably not the next door house, if that makes any sense."