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It’s that time again WinPhans, that's right, it’s time for another Windows Phone Meetup. What is a Windows Phone Meetup? Well that’s where we get together for eats and drinks while we talk about Windows Phones. Our first ever Windows Phone Meetup was held in St. Louis and was hosted by WPCentral forum member speedtouch. It was a big success. You can get all the backward info in this thread. “After Action Report from the April 14 St. Louis Meetup”

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It’s time for round two in St Louis and speedtouch is up to the challenge again. He is a master at these things, even trying to get some gear together for us. On that topic he has this to say:

“I might be getting some gear from Nokia to give away. No guarantees yet, but I am in contact with some marketing folks at Nokia.”

We are meeting at the Triumph Grill in St Louis. You can get the complete details including address and links to more information in our Meetup forum. Don't forget to sign up. Quick link to the official thread: [May 19] St. Louis Windows Phone Meetup

If you would like to host a meet up or if you have an idea for a meet up in your area let us know. Posting a thread in our meet up forum is a great way to get started.