Forza 6 is set to be one of Xbox One's biggest 2015 releases and as time goes by we keep learning a little more. We know it's going to be a full garage come September but the latest addition is a little more unusual for a racing game.

Formula E is coming to Forza 6.

For anyone who isn't familiar, Formula E is the latest FIA sanctioned single-seater world championship. The big deal is that every car is fully electric while still being capable of racing at impressive speeds. The inaugural series has just ended with Nelson Piquet Jr claiming the first world title at the season ender in London.

Just like regular race cars, fuel is an issue that Formula E drivers have to contend with. Because there's no way to quickly and safely change battery packs (at the start of the season it was about 45 minutes to complete), drivers have two cars available per race. During their pit stop they'll hop into the second car to go back out with a full charge.

It's an interesting proposition for a game like Forza 6. The demo car was originally available in Forza 5 as a DLC option, but Forza 6 will see all 10, licensed teams from the 2014/2015 season represented. Conserving battery power while going as fast as you can and as far as you can is all part of Formula E racing so it'll be exciting to see how all this is handled in the game.

It doesn't mention any Formula E tracks being added as well, just the cars. Additionally, Forza Garage is now open for business and will be adding to the list of Forza 6 vehicles and circuits on a weekly basis. Alongside Formula E a host of other makes and models we also announced, so check out the link below to see the full list. If you're a keen Forza fan be sure to add it to your bookmarks to keep up to date!

Source: Forza Garage