Foursquare has confirmed that they plan to release a version of their Swarm virtual check-in app for Windows Phone "very soon", which should please many who have been waiting for the company to offer up this particular app for Microsoft's mobile OS.

Foursquare made the decision earlier this year to release its check-in feature as a separate app called Swarm, but in May it only launched for iOS and Android platforms. It's been over two months later and there's been no word on the progress on the Windows Phone version, until today.

A WPCentral reader, "fluidman8", decided to contact Fouraquare's support feed on Twitter on the subject of the Swarm Windows Phone launch and got this response: "We're putting the finishing touches on it now. It should be ready very soon! :)". Hopefully "soon" really does mean "soon" and not a launch that's still weeks away.

What do you think about the prospect of Swarm coming to Windows Phone?

Again, thanks to fluidman8 for the tip!

Source: Foursquare Support on Twitter