Foursquare seems to be on a roll, first re-releasing a much improved 2.0 last week, followed by a 2.1 bug-fix just 24 hours later and now version 2.2.

Like we predicted, Foursquare would be working on the improving the speed and handling of the official Foursquare app. Version 2.2 just went live in the Marketplace and has brought some much needed enhancements to menu transitions and loading times.

We've been running it for the last half hour and have to admit that it certainly feels much better with saner load times, finally making this app a serious contender. Kudos to Foursquare for the quick updates and improvements. (And for you '4th & Mayor' users, a bug fix should be released today for that app)

Grab version 2.2 in the Marketplace now. (Thanks, Shipwreck)