It’s been a long time since the official Foursquare app for Windows Phone was refreshed. In fact, we can go all the way back to October 2013. What’s funny is reading that article, we mention how the previous update to that one was in June. Needless to say, this app don’t get a lot of love.

Version is now live in the Store, up from  Like usual, there’s no changelog on board, though we’ve been tinkering with it all day and have noticed at least a couple of changes.

For instance, on the front page of the app, the third box has changed from ‘Trending’ to ‘Saved’ for presumably quicker access to your favorite locations and lists. Likewise, ‘Filters’ has been removed from the menu system, accessed via the ellipsis near the bottom right.

More importantly, it looks like a bug was fixed when pinning the ‘check-in’ feature to your Start screen. Previously, launching the check-in Tile would give you your results and ability to log your whereabouts, but on a subsequent re-launch, the app would be partially cut of, with just a map showing. It was frustrating and defeated the purpose of the quick-access check-in Tile, one of the few benefits of the Foursquare app for Windows Phone.

Other than that though, we’re hard pressed to find anything dramatically new with this app, hence the low version number change. The app is still very different from the one on the iPhone, where there are no promoted locations (probably a good thing) and a drastically different layout. Regardless, the app seems to be at least working better with today’s update.

Pick up Foursquare here in the Store. All Windows Phones.

Thanks, mazami and Shane S., for the tips

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