Great news if you’re a AT&T U-Verse, Mediacom or Verizon FiOS customer, as you can now download and take full advantage of Fox’s new FOX NOW app for Windows Phone. Actually, anyone can download and use the app to watch free clips and even a selection of full episodes, but customers on the aforementioned cable networks get all episodes.


The app itself is fairly well done, albeit a bit sluggish (and depending on the speed of your connection). Upon launching for the first time, you can select your favorite shows and even receive notifications regarding that selection. From there, you can sign up and register with Fox, and luckily, opt-out of any newsletters. The app itself is to the point: pick your shows and either watch clips, behind the scenes or full episodes. Video quality looks great to us, streaming in what looks like HD video.

It’s a neat offering and like we said, even if you’re not on one of the above cable companies, you can find plenty in the app to like. Having said that, if you’re on Hulu already like we are, it will probably be a tad redundant.

Pick up FOX NOW for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. Thanks, rdwcomm, for the tip!

QR: Fox Now