UK get's some lovin' too!

Yesterday we covered The Developer Movement where Microsoft Canada was giving away goodies to developers for publishing apps.
Apologies for this being rather delayed but we have good news for those of you in the UK! A while back MSDN UK started their own promotion where you get 1 point for every app you publish in the Marketplace.  You can then redeem those points for gadgetry by either saving up the points for something big, or just redeeming them for prizes as you go.

Here's a brief summary of some of the prizes, but be sure to hit the source link to go find out the rest:

For 1 point:
  • Pure One Mini Black Compact Radio
  • A 12 month magazine subscription
  • A Champagne Afternoon Tea for 2
For 4 points:
  • A Pocket Cinema Projector
  • An Xbox 360 Console (250GB HDD)
  • A Performance Car Experience

There are additional benefits if you are a student.

The closing date is the 5th of February, so I recommend stocking up on your energy drink of choice ASAP.

Source: MSDN UK Team Blog