Here's something that is sort of under the radar: evidently a company called Mobileyes has teamed up with various local news networks to release customized live Traffic cam apps.

Available for for WM Pro and Standard devices, you can download the app for your region and then select via various sub-menus locality and specific highways.

Word of caution: no 320x320 support, so while it works, we get that blocky look. We'll be dropping them a note in their feedback box. Not sure about those crazy VGA devices you folks are sporting these days. It appears that this uses some type of .NET programming as the app itself is tiny and seems pretty generic. One other criticism: we're not really sure how to find all the separate downloads as Mobileyes' website is a bit odd to navigate. We'll list a few of the major ones below.

What is neat though is although I downloaded the NY version, you can go under Settings and select "Travel Mode" which basically un-hides all the other major U.S. cities, so you are not technically restricted to your region. Overall the quality is pretty nice and the selection of cameras is impressive. All for free.

New York; Connecticut; D.C.; Los Angles; MyFoxMobile; Detroit