Looking for a Windows Phone game to pass the time with? Free-Throws is a free basketball game over at the Marketplace designed to test your jump shot skills. The object of the game is simple, sink as many jump shots under a minute.

To take the shot, all you do is press and hold on the basketball, trace the path you want your shot to take and release. A ghost image will appear outlining your shot and you can adjust things accordingly. You control the arch and power with how you line up your shot. You can bank it off the glass or hit nothing but net.

You get bonus points for consecutive shots and at the end of your game, you can submit your scores to an online leaderboard. Free-Throws is integrated with Scoreloop to allow you to compare scores with friends and establish gamer profiles.

In playing Free-Throws, I found it to be an entertaining game that was well suited to pass short periods of time with. I would have liked to have seen a practice mode or maybe even a game of HORSE with Free-Throws but as is ain't bad.

All in all, Free-Throws is worth giving a shot. Graphics are nice, sound effects good, and game play easy to pick up but challenging enough to keep the game from becoming boring.   It is a free, ad supported game and you can download Free-Throws here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.