Looking at Microsoft's mobile platform for your next project but don't have the knowledge or experience yet? These events are for you should you reside in the UK (or be able to attend). Microsoft is holding two developer training events, one in London (17th September) and the other in Manchester (24th September), both starting at 09:30 and ending at 18:30.

What's required to attend? Absolutely nothing at all. You don't even have to understand the basic functionality of the OS, it will all be covered on the day and will include the starter skills for app development. Some Mango features will be discussed as well including multi-tasking and advertising SDK. You are - however - required to bring your own laptop with the Windows Phone Developer Tools installed.

Did we mention that it's free? Also, attendees will each receive a Windows Phone Design Guide Sketch Pad of their own. Can't make it to these events? Don't fear, they've stated that this is merely the start of the series and more will open up across the UK. For more detail on future events, be sure to follow @UKMSDN on Twitter.

Register for the events below and be sure to check out the FAQ and details on the announcement post (link below):

London - Saturday 17th September

Manchester - Saturday 24th September

Source: MSDN