Free wifi isn't a new concept but did you know McDonalds offers it at select locations? It was news to me the other day and have to admit it was nice to use my Windows Phone via wifi while feasting on my Big Mac.

McDonalds isn't alone in providing customers with free wifi. Starbuck's offers free wifi for AT&T customers (two hour limit per day), free AT&T wifi is scattered across the nation at various airports, and you can find hot spots at select Barnes and Noble stores.

And free wifi seems to be spreading.  Just checking my neck of the woods on, asides from the local motel/hotels Buffalo Wild Wings, T.G.I. Fridays, and Panera Bread are other national chains offering free wifi.  AT&T recently announced they are launching a pilot program to offer free wifi in New York City at Times Square to see if it can lighten the load on their 3G networks.  If successful, it may spread to other downtown centers.

So, when you're out shopping or enjoying a hot cup of joe or a plate of hot wings, do you take advantage of the free hot spots with your Windows Phone or laptop? It's a great way to speed things up and if your on a limited data plan, a good way to save on your data usage as well.