Go ahead and admit it, T-Mobile may have turned heads when they were the first to release the Touch Pro 2 but what really turned heads was the company bringing back Catherine Zeta Jones back as a spokesperson. It added a certain zest back to their commercials.

Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and even Altel have cranked out some enjoyable commercials over the years. From Dieter Chad at Alltel to the "what if firefighters ran Congress?" commercials from Sprint these commercials make an impression on the viewer. You may not remember the sales pitch but the slogan, punch line or even the spokesperson keeps the company fresh in your mind.

Follow the break for a few more memorable commercials from wireless service providers.

Alltel found a way to make light of the Verizon merger by giving Chad the cold shoulder.

This Sprint commercial first aired during the 2006 Super Bowl and put new meaning to the term "crime deterrent".

Then there's the AT&T series where there's not enough bars to get that all important information to customers.

So what's your favorite wireless provider commercial? Could it be the "can you hear me now?" series from Verizon or the "Bill Kurtis, faster than ..." commercials from AT&T?