Funny Jump is a simple, yet entertaining game, for your Windows Phone. There's not much to Funny Jump so let's cut to the chase.  Or should I say bounce?

The game has you controlling a smiley face ball (reminds me of a tennis ball) as it rolls down a hill. As you roll downwards there will be a compelling need to jump over obstacles. Otherwise, game's over.

The obstacles (sticks maybe) come up from the ground and hang from the sky to create a window of sorts that you have through.  Just tap the screen when you're ready for your ball to jump between the obstacles.  Timing is key to avoid jumping too high or too low.

Bonus points are awarded for cutting the jumps close and for consecutive jumps. The further you progress downhill, the faster the pace and the narrower the window to clear the obstacles become.

All in all, Funny Jump is an entertaining, somewhat addictive game for your Windows Phone.  The sound effects are nice and I like the goofy faces the ball makes as it jumps and bounces down the hill. If you're looking for a simple, yet challenging game to pass the time with, Funny Jump is worth considering.

Funny Jump is a free game that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.