Lock Buster

The popular lockscreen app, Lock Buster has been bumped to version 3 to introduce yet more ways to customise the Windows Phone lockscreen. Following in the footsteps of Hello Friends, users will be able to add more unique personalised elements to the display. So what's new in the latest release?

Colour effects enable users to make the lock screen more appealing with a number of modes, including high contrast and black + white. Add-ons can be selected to show additional information on-screen. Here's what consumers can choose from:

  • Weather - display details on weather using the current GPS position. Configuration between both Fahrenheit and Celsius is presently available.
  • Battery status - this add-on does exactly what it says on the tin, displaying the remaining battery percentage.

Said add-ons can have a background, ensuring users can read the information more clearly when combined with a photo collage. More add-ons are planned for the future. While add-ons are a Windows Phone 8 only feature, those using Windows Phone 7.x hardware will be able to enjoy the other improvements.

You can download Lock Buster from the Windows Phone Store.

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