HTC is launching a new site to promote the HTC Fuze on AT&T called How I Fuze. It's a clever little number that emphasizes how to get around TouchFlo 3D and shows off various other features of the Fuze. Using Flash, you can actually hover your mouse over the Fuze's interface and slide it around like a finger. It's a great way to introduce the Fuze to a wider audience.

As a part of the new site, HTC is actually giving away Fuzes at the site. One a day for 120 days. That, friends, is a lot of Fuzes. Oh, and one winner will get $25,000 in cash, four more will win a $15,000 AmEx card. Zowie.

HTC's largess doesn't end there, though, they've also given WMExperts a Fuze to give away ourselves. Pow. Want to enter here? Here's the deal:

As you know, we're currently in the midst of the Smartphone Round Robin. If you head over to our Updates Page, you'll find six articles as of this writing (and probably one more at later this week). So we're sending you on a scavenger hunt. Go and read up on what these non-Windows Mobile users think of the Fuze and find one thing they were frustrated with, then come back here and tell us how you might address that. At heart, the Fuze is one beefy, extensible, and customizable device, so there's virtually no niggle that can't be wiggled into submission. Basically, tell us how you would Fuze.

Get'er done before 8am eastern time on Friday, December 19th. We'll pick a winner at random from all the posts that offer at least a minimal piece of Fuze advice in the comments on this post. The Rules: You can only enter once and you must live in the United States to qualify (it is an AT&T phone after all). You must 18 years or older and not an employee or contractor of Smartphone Experts or HTC to qualify.