Windows Phone 8 offline maps update

One of our readers tipped us that Nokia and Microsoft are pushing out updates for your offline maps on Windows Phone 8. Indeed, when we fired up our Lumia 920 and checked we were notified of 209.8MB in updates (CT, NY and MA), meaning they’re refreshing whole states in the US (our tipster had over 805MB). (Edit, turns out these aren't new-new, but for some of you, you may never had updated, so here's how to do it).

To see if your maps need updating, simply launch your respective mapping app and check for those updates (details below). It will only take a few minutes, but you’ll need to be on Wi-Fi to grab ‘em.

No word on what has changed but this presumably if you use your offline mapping a lot for driving, walking, etc., you’ll want to get this. If you don't, eventually the system will notify you when you launch Maps or HERE Maps as can be seen above. Also, no confirmation if these updates pertain to users outside the U.S., so sound off in comments on your results.

Update: Some of these updates may be a few weeks old (end of June), but as we noted, our AT&T Lumia 920 had updates waiting and no notification about it, so it's worthy to check just in case you missed it.

Maps (HTC, Samsung, Huawei)

  • Tap at the bottom of the Microsoft Maps app
  • Settings
  • Check for Updates
  • Install

HERE Maps (Lumias, anyone who uses HERE)

  • Tap at the bottom of the HERE Maps app
  • Download maps
  • Update current maps
  • Install

Thanks, Stefan K., for the tip!