Game Troopers is offering discounts on In-App purchases

Popular game publisher, Game Troopers, is offering discounts of up to 33% on a number of its in-app purchases through August 6. Whether you are looking to get Forever Gold in Make it Rain: The Love of Money, or Double XP in Tiny Troopers, you can now do so for less money. The discounts start on Tier 2 purchases, which are the ones priced above $0.99. Some examples of the savings include:

  • Make it Rain: The Love of Money
    • Insane Blast—Sale price: $13.99 USD (was $19.99 USD)
    • Forever Gold—Sale price: $33.99 USD (was $49.99 USD)
  • Tony Troopers
    • 7 Medals—Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)
    • Double XP—Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)
  • Overkill 3
    • Starter Pack—Sale price: $3.49 USD (was $4.99 USD)
    • Sniper Pack—Sale price: $3.49 USD (was $4.99 USD)
  • Monsters GO
    • 28,800 coins—Sale price: $3.49 USD (was $4.99 USD)
    • 42,000 coins—Sale price: $4.99 USD (was $6.99 USD)

If you are playing any of the Game Trooper titles, or are looking to get started, you will want to take advantage of these savings before August 6.

Source: Lumia Conversations

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