Game Troopers continues to reveal and release new games for Windows Phone. The publisher has now revealed its next title, and it's a math-themed game called Equalicious.

Before you turn away from this story when you saw the word "math", you might want to take a second look. Equalicious, developed by Dark Curry, has put together a free-to-play game where its puzzles are solved via math problems. Gamers have to move tiles around to complete the math puzzle. They can even challenge online friends to math battles.

Oh, and it will have Xbox achievements to unlock. In fact, the TrueAchievements website has already posted the 20 achievements for Equalicious in case you need some help.

The game is coming soon to the Windows Store and we will alert you when that happens. In the meantime, you can watch another trailer from Game Troopers featuring both Equalicious and the company's spokesperson Carol.

Thanks to Dave for the tip!

Source: Game Troopers (YouTube)