Publisher Game Troopers has revealed some interesting numbers on sales for its various games on Windows platforms. One stat showed that the Windows 10 PC version of Overkill 3 has over 20 times more downloads on Windows 10 than on Windows phones.

Overkill 3

The numbers were revealed in a Windows developer blog on Microsoft's site (via MSPU)

The launch of Windows 10 has allowed Game Troopers to publish more of its titles on desktop PC and tablets, and it's seeing the benefits. For example, the shooter "Overkill 3" has received 2,000,000 downloads on Windows 10 PC compared to 90,000 downloads for Windows phone.

The blog post mostly focuses on what Game Troopers has done to generate revenue for its games on Windows platforms. It has worked with developers to port Android and iOS games to Windows since it started in 2014:

Its first release was "Tiny Troopers," a casual game that became an immediate success on Windows phone. "We made $1 million in the first month on 'Tiny Troopers' for Windows phone," said Alex Rodriguez, chief operations officer for Game Troopers. "That validated our business model."

Now Game Troopers has published over 20 games for Windows platforms. Based on its experience, casual games are the best bet for success on the Windows Store, along with making them free-to-play:

Game Troopers' most profitable games are free-to-play, said Alex. They're easier to market because players tend to be more interested in trying out a game for free instead of forking over cash up front. "Free-to-play games also allow us to insert advertisements, such as cross-promotions, and is a better platform for engaging users," Alex said, adding that video ads offer an instant revenue return.

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