Game Troopers is at it yet again, teasing an upcoming game for Windows Phone that is claimed to be a "blockbuster." The publisher has posted a new video to YouTube teasing the impending arrival of the game, but it's playing coy with what exactly that game is.

All Game Troopers is saying is that it's a role playing game where you create a hero to take down monsters and "dark forces." You can be a knight, warrior, archer, wizard, monk, delist, or engineer. There are single-player and multiplayer modes on board, and you tap around to both move and attack. Game Troopers says that the game will run great on low memory devices, and it will be free to play.

There's some footage included in the video above, but the game isn't ringing any bells for us here at Windows Central. So take a quick look at the video and shout out in the comments if you know the answer!

Source: Game Troopers (YouTube)