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GAME is the UK's leading video game retailer when it comes to consoles, but PC gaming has been restricted to actual titles rather than a combination of games and hardware. That's about to change as the company has teamed up with Overclockers to offer PC components in-store. Require an upgrade for your graphics card? You'll now be able to pick one up from the same store you purchased the Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon.

As well as select GAME stores across the country, the exclusive gaming PCs, components and accessories will also be available online from today. Since this is GAME, you'll be able to trade in old products towards the new PC hardware, spread the cost of your purchase with the available finance options, and earn 2% back on each purchase with GAME Reward.

The two parties will extend their newly formed partnership with GAME's Reward points to soon be added to the Overclockers website. The latter will also launch GAME's PC digital content collection to offer access to a range of items for download. The first two stores with Overclockers displays will be Basingstoke and Trafford Centre in Manchester, with more stores to follow in the coming weeks.

Dates of opening are to be confirmed for the following stores: Bournemouth, Cardiff, Chester, Glasgow (Braehead Shopping Centre), Gloucester, Newcastle (Metro Centre), Portsmouth, and Teeside Park.

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Source: Overclockers