Siegefall, the latest strategy title from Gameloft, launched first on Windows Phone in June and later for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 in the Windows Store. Now the game has received its first big content update, and players of the free-to-play title can check out a new hero, the Dragon Hunter, along with more additions.

Here's the breakdown of what's new in the first Siegfall update:

New Hero: Dragon Hunter

  • A powerful new ranged DPS hero that uses a mighty bow to destroy enemies
  • The best hunger in all of the Divided Lands with impressive skills
  • Unleash the Piercing Arrow and Arrow Crescent
  • She can only be summoned with Magic Dust

New Tower: Ancient Monolith

  • Protect your Kingdom with the Ancient Monolith
  • A long range defensive tower that will destroy the enemies in its path

New Feature: Guild War Ship

  • Begin construction of your Guild War Ship in preparation for the battles to come

New Levels: Time Limited Events

  • More levels in time limited events for a chance to prove your skills and collect additional rewards

New Item: Runes

  • Use Runes to reduce timers and build your kingdom faster

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