Now that you've been playing with your Xbox avatar on Windows 10 Preview, you can also try carrying your mini-character on your wrist. This is possible because of a Microsoft Band third-party app called GamerBand. The Windows Phone app lets you add your Xbox avatar and Gamertag to your Microsoft Band's Me Tile. That's it! It's really simple. Watch our how-to video to see how it works.

When you open GamerBand, you'll notice that the UI is very basic. Enter your Gamertag in the text field and then press enter. A preview of the Me Tile is shown below with your avatar on the right and Gamertag above it. You can also change the size of your avatar and move it up or down.

Another option is to change the background color. There are currently 7 colors available.


Once you're happy with your choices, tap the sync button at the bottom. The new Me Tile background gets transferred to the Microsoft Band.

GamerBand doesn't look pretty and offers a very specific function. If you want to have your Xbox avatar on your Microsoft Band, you'll want to download this app. It's available for free at the Windows Phone Store. Are you going to put your avatar on your wrist? Let us know in the comments!

QR: GamerBand