There aren’t many complaints about Windows Phone 8.1, but one of them is the ‘listing’ of games in the App list instead of just under the Games hub. If you have 5 or 10 games, it’s probably not a huge deal, but for gamers out there with dozens, it quickly makes things messy.

In the Reddit AMA today, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore took to answering this complaint about why they did it and if they could make it optional going forward.  Belfiore gave a pretty reasonable response to the question and it’s noted that the development team seemed pretty split on the decision.

“This was a close call for us –- this kind of situation happens a lot in design... I call it a "45/55 thing". In this case, we made the change (to the "55" :) because we found through usability testing quite clearly that NEW USERS to our platform sometimes had a hard time finding games.. so we chose to optimize for these new users.”

And what about making it an option for users?

“It’s reasonable to suggest having an option for this in the future... something we’ll explore.”

Don’t expect such a fix for Windows Phone 8.1 though, as that is locked and sealed for features. However, if such an option is feasible without much coding, it could sneak into a GDR update, the first of which is scheduled for a possible July finish by the updates team. Either way, your complaints haven’t fallen on deaf ears.

Source: Reddit